All​-​American Boy

by Steve Grand



released March 24, 2015

All Words and Music by:
Steve Grand*
*except "Red, White and Blue" written by Itaal Shur, Steve Grand and Larry Dvoskin, and "Soakin' Wet" written by Steve Grand, Andrew Allen, Matthew Morales, James Gabriel Morales and Dave Rodriguez

Produced by:
Aaron Johnson**
**except "Red, White and Blue" produced by Itaal Shur, "Soakin' Wet" produced by The Elev3n, "Run" produced by Daniel Crawford and "Time" co-produced by Danny Wells

Mixed by:
Tim Palmer***
***except "Red, White and Blue" mixed by Eber Pinheiro

Executive Producer:
Chris Ricchetti
(P) & (C) 2015 Grand Nation LLC, P.O. Box 381, Barrington IL 60011. Manufactured by Optical Experts Manufacturing under license from Grand Nation LLC. Distributed in the US and Canada by BDG/RED (a division of Sony Music Entertainment). Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable law.



all rights reserved


Steve Grand Chicago, Illinois

With over 10 Million views on YouTube, a #3 Album on The Billboard Independent Album Artist Charts, and one of the most successful Music Kickstarter campaigns ever under his belt, Steve Grand has not just broken the rules, but has changed the game when it comes to being a successful singer-songwriter in the era of YouTube and Spotify.

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Track Name: Say You Love Me
Say You Love Me

“Close the door,” he says,
“This will only be a minute.”
But sometimes minutes can get caught in suspension.
“I finally figured it out, and you're that
someone who knows a little more
than something about me.
See I met this girl down in Palm Springs…
Man, she's the best you'd be so happy for
And it hits me hard seein this blue eyed
dream sprouting wings and flying away from me
Flying away from me…yeahh


What If I say you love me?
Could I make it true?
We could build us something
that would mean something to you
Cause when I close my eyes,
I'm in this world where you don't have a girl
and I'm right by your side
Say you love me
It don't mean that I'll ever have you

So we're driving home
I look out at the rain on the roads out my
passenger window
It’s been one of those nights, it all feels so alive
Man, you bet, I'm gonna hate sayin goodbye
He pulls up on my driveway
Says, “See you on Friday”
If he only knew what I'd do to be
The rain on his coat, the keys that he holds
Or the one he has waiting back home

I'm not gonna lie
A stubborn part of me keeps the hope alive
That someday I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine
I know you'll never understand
So to keep from losing my best friendI hold it all inside

What If I say you love me?
We could build us something…
Track Name: Red, White and Blue
Red, White and Blue

Oh oh oh, Oh oh oh…oh oh oh
Oh oh oh, Oh oh oh

Carve you out a hollow bed of quiet
Let me knead your heart back to healthy blindness
Where it used to be
Baby, it was you and me
Be my shield, I will be your soldier
Waging war for love
It’s an art just staying sober
While piece by piece
This swollen heart just swallows me


Maybe we just give it some time?
Oh, oh you gotta let me give it a try
And now my friends keep telling me to get help
I hardly recognize myself


I’m all Red, White and Blue!
My heart’s a mess, I’m busted up for you
You twist the knife so deep
The pleasure and the pain cuts me till I bleed

Oh oh oh, Oh oh oh…oh oh oh
Oh oh oh, Oh oh oh

And have no doubt, I never meant to hurt you
Babe, it’s over now
You know I didn’t mean to undermine our trust
Leave us in a cloud of dust

Tell me that you want it
I already got it
Tell me that you want it
Mmm mmm mmm
Tell me that you want it
I already got it
Tell me that you, that you, that you
Track Name: We Are the Night
We Are the Night

We are the night
We are the yellow moon in the sky
We are the amber glow
Of a fire light
In a lover's eyes
We are the dark
We are a hundred billion stars
We are the heavy hearts on the subway cars
We are the night


We are the night
They’re gonna say we just ain’t right
But we are the night
We are the night


And we just wanna be free
Is there anything more lovely?
We got our whole lives to love
And tonight we're as young as we'll ever be
So don't you never look back
Today could be our last
And we'll just live as we are
Unmoved by the darkness we face
Cause we are the night
They’re gonna say we just ain’t right
But we are the night
We are the night

We are the brave
We are the ones they couldn't shake
Ain't part of that machine
So unshamefully, we ignite
We are the light
And we're just tryin to get it right
We won't stop pressin on
Through the firestorms
We will rise
Track Name: All-American Boy
All-American Boy

Ripped Jeans, only drinks whiskey
Find him by the fire while his girl was getting frisky, ohh
I say we go this road tonight
He smiles, his arm’s around her
But his eyes are holdin me, just a captive to his wonder, ohh
I say we go this road tonight

Now, I know that that's your girl, I mean no disrespect
The way that shirt hugs you chest, Boy, I just won't forget
I'll be sittin here, drinking my whiskey
I won't say goodnight unless I think ya might miss me, ohh


Be my All-American boy tonight
Where everyday's the 4th of July
And it’s alright, alright
And we can keep this up till the morning light
And you can hold me deep in your eyes
And it’s alright, alright
Be my, be my…
My All-American boy

Ripped jeans, tight shirt
He lights a cigarette—you know, I'm glad that she can't stand it, ohh
I drink the moonlight from his eyes
Now hold there, just a moment
I want to take this in, now we don't need no photo of it, no
We should go this road tonight

Now, I know that that's your girl, and I don't give a damn
She's been cussin and cryin…she don't know what she has
So I'll be, sittin here, tryin hold down my whiskey,
You tell your girl “Good night,” cause somebody'd like to kiss me, ohh

Of all the girls and boys to look my way
Ain't nobody ever hit me this way
So won't you come back with me
and lay with me a while
I'm gonna wrestle you out of them clothes
Leave that beautiful body exposed
And you can have my heart and my soul and my body...
Just be mine!

Be my All-American boy tonight
Baby, you light my fire
It’s gonna be alright, alright!
Track Name: Soakin' Wet
Soakin Wet

So you got your big job, moved out to the city
Always said you wanted outta here
But now you’re back here at my door with your eyes fixed on the floor
I think somebody could use a beer

Here at the lake where this all began
Like it or not you're goin in


I got you out on the water, soakin wet
Got that white t-shirt, clingin to your chest
Yeah the sun's goin down, but it ain't gone yet
We can dry off a little later on
Cause we're havin' a little too much fun
Being soakin wet, eh, eh
Being soakin wet, eh, oh

Remember that time, we stole your sister's bike
And you road it off the edge of the pier?
Those were the days, before you went away
But I'm glad you found your way back here

To this lake where it all began
So like it or not we're goin in


I got you out on the water, soakin wet
Got that white t-shirt, clingin to your chest
Yeah the sun's goin down, but it ain't gone yet
We can dry off a little later on...

YEAH, I got you out on the water, soakin wet
You had to know when I told you to hold your breath
Actin all mad, I know you better than that
We can dry off a little later on
Cause we're havin, a little too much fun

Being soakin wet, eh, eh
Being soakin wet, eh, oh
Being soakin wet, eh, eh
Being soakin wet, eh, oh

I hope you're happy, honestly I do
But I'd be lyin’ if I said, “I don't miss you”
Track Name: Lovin' Again
Lovin Again

He says, “I probably shouldn’t say this out loud…but I miss you”
Two weeks apart, left me out in the dark, but I miss him too
And so, against my better judgment, I follow him up those stairs to his 3rd floor apartment
Drunk eyes makes me think of the first time he looked at me that way
But then he says, “This doesn't change a thing”


And now he's holding me like it’s the end
Makes me wonder was this all pretend
This just might keep me, just might keep me from lovin again
Gotta pick myself up off the floor
And, no, I won't be comin back for more
You won't keep me, you won't keep me from lovin, lovin again

Drunk off no sleep, feeling tired and weak and unfocused…hmmm
Want him out of my mind, he stole enough of my time, left me broken...ohhh
And so, against my better judgment, I find that photo of us, you're eyes are squint form the sun
And your big arms around me, holding me tightly
But now you say, “I don't love you that way”

Just so you know, that when I go
There ain't no turnin back no
I kind of hope this stings a little
Burn me once alright, but burn me twice and boy you better watch your behind!
Cause this is gonna sting a little
This is gonna sting a little!
Track Name: Whiskey Crime
Whiskey Crime


Whiskey, Whiskey, make things right
Imma feelin kinda low tonight
Together we can take this guy
Don't matter that he's twice our size
Whiskey, whiskey make me brave
Oh the things that you get me to say
They tell me I'm just not okay
But we're just havin fun
The way you keep me coming undone


I don't want beer! I won't drink wine!
That fruity appletini? That’s a whiskey crime!
Liquor that's clear? Not over here!
That sour gin and tonic only makes ya cry.
Vodka or tequila? Not for me-ah!
Now ya know what I want and ya know what I need-ah!
Give me that feelin, gi—give me that feelin!

Whiskey, whiskey, out so late
Imma feelin like I shouldn’t stay
People they just love to hate
And we're just havin fun
Whiskey, whiskey, make me strong…yeah
Keep me goin all night long
Help me sing that Springsteen song
Even when we're outta key
It’s perfect harmony

Whiskey, whiskey, I know I'm young
But I'm really thinkin you're the one
Always ready to give me some of that
dark rich love
Ya, I'm thinkin you're the one

Track Name: STAY

Summer wind blows in again
Sometimes I wonder where we lost it
My good intentions—your favorite weapons
And still I've yet to learn my lesson

No, I don't need much of anything
Just a shady tree and a couple pulls of whiskey
To write my songs of love and life and loss
And just a few bout you
So if you'll hear me out


Stay with me, we don't never have to leave
You my southern king, we live it for the daydreams
So don't you laugh—Notre Dame he had his chance
And he's a good, good man
But there's some things he just don't understand
So when my old man's out of town but a couple days
I think that you should stay
Oh, won't you stay

So come on down, I'll show you how
Us midwest boys like to party
So grab a beer…And get over here
Summer's drawin near
Don't waste another year…hey, hey, hey!


Stay with me, we don't never have to leave
You my southern king, we live it for the daydreams
So don't get mad—what's past is in the past
And we can make this last
if you just give me that chance
So when my old man's out of town but a couple days
I think that you should...

Stay with me
all summer
Stay with me
under the covers
Stay with me
Be my lover

Walkin through that old gate
It’s quite a site to see
That handsome face in this desert place
Getting away from me
That's juxtaposition
But right now it’s indecision
Do I go back out
and chase you down?
Or will you be the one that got away?
No, no, no
Track Name: Next to Me
Next to Me

I've been known to break a few hearts
And ain't that the truth
Wild hearts growing restless
Wild heart's on the loose


I ain't drunk, you're just uptight
I ain't dumb, I'm just your fool
I ain't well, but it’s alright
I hope you want me to
Move on in closer to you…you…you


Oooh oh oo-ooh
You're dancin next to me
Oooh oh oo-ooh
You move that body like
Oooh oh oo-ooh
It’s takin over me now
Keep dancing (ahhhh)
Keep dancin next to me
We get up to your apartment
Keep the lights down low
Your skin in that dim light
The way your body glows

Now baby don't be scared
I want to take you... take you... there
I will take you there
(ohhhh ohhhh ohhh)
I will take you there, I will take you there
Darlin don't be scared, I will take you there
I will take you there, Darlin don't be scared
I will take you, take you, take you there
Oh Baby, come in close
I want you out of those clothes
And down on your knees like you're dyin to praise the good Lord for makin' you so damn beautiful
Track Name: Time

22 I was made for you
Steel eyes and blinders too
We were right on track
To burn out fast
Winter moved along
Sunrays through a morning fog
No space or time
Just you and I
Tangled in sheets, while your body heat's
keepin me warm


And you were keepin me warm through those nights
Where I gave my life to the cold outside
You left your light on
Oh, you let me shine on


When time was on our side
You and I suspended in that warm street light
And if you ever figure out this life
Keep tellin' me those sweet, sweet lies
‘Cause I don't wanna know
I don't wanna know
I don't wanna know

You had me meet your friends
I never loved you more than when
We watched that game
Back at Andy's place
Pretending to give a damn
About coaches and quarterbacks
With your head in my lap
Now who could blame me for that
Steel eyes stealin' my heart
Right from the start
Track Name: Better Off
Better Off

Softly, as evening falls into the stars
I reach your hand before the Earth goes dark
If we had everything under this twilight
I swear we'd make it to Mars
But you left no refuge here now for the dark nights
And the miles and miles of bars
Don't blame yourself
You didn't kill this thing alone


I said “Baby,
you can't save me
I won't change
You know we're better off this way”
I said “Baby,
you can't save me, no,
I won't change
I guess we're better off this way
I guess we're better off
Better off this way...yeah”

Show me, that side of me I'm scared to know
I need your truths before I let you go
Now that look in your eyes still leaves me blinded
Is this the death of my youth?
We're always searching for, hoping, and dying for
But do we really want the truth?
Do you see that side of me I used to?

Under a shooting star, I wish away my heart
May you live oustide the shadow of this day
Cause baby the love we shared
It’s outta this stratosphere
And I hope you come to know the same
I know I'll grow to wish it wasn't but we're better off this way
Better off, better off...better this way
Track Name: Run

I’m the 101, I’m 18 from
This brand new man I will become
I am born again, right out this skin
I only live to start again
So I run

24, I’m not so sure
What this life should mean to me anymore
I mean no disrespect, I just don’t give a shit
No one knows the cards a man’s workin’ with
So I run
I start to run


I start to run, I’m still young
Not looking back from where I come
You get this life, just one time
You do yours and I’ll do mine
So I run
So I run

I’ve loved and lost, I’ve turned and tossed
I’ve shuddered at the pain I’ve caused
I crossed that line, no good at lies
I looked the devil in the eyes
So I run
I start to run

So pack your bags, we leave tonight
We won’t go down, without a fight
So pack your bags, we leave tonight
We won’t go down, without a fight

So I run
(Run run, run na, na na na)
(So pack your bags, we leave tonight)
So I run
(Run run, run na, na na na)
(We won’t go down without a fight)
Track Name: Back to California
Back to California

Do you remember California? 20-oh-6?
You told me we could change this world
I had no doubt about it
I was always kind of awkward
You never seemed to mind
Just two kids in high school
What could we know about life?

You were my tiny dancer
Golden hair and yellow eyes
I was your disaster
Always brushing you aside, I didn't see it right then
But in the years that have gone by
I found I'll never know a better friend
Than this one I left behind…ohhhh

So you're getting married
I hope he’s nothing like our daddies
When we were young
And love was something so fucked-up
It’s sure had its toll on me


So it’s back to California in my mind
Petty arguments on bus rides in muted sunlight
We belong to California, young and free and wild
Where our dreams grew big as your yellow eyes
As they looked into mine...

Do you remember summer nights? Out in the parking lot?
Checkin out those seniors? Man those drum-line boys were hot
And we danced under the street lamps, high off that summer heat
“Just two more years! Just two more years!” and we'd be outta here…ohh

Now we're getting older
The world's grown dark and colder
You're in law school
I'm a bar back in the neighborhood